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it’s hot!  no like really really hot.  since i’ve moved, i’ve happily and gratefully walked to work each day with a smile.  some days were a little hotter, though bearable.  some days were rainy, drizzly… but again bearable.  last week began the first of a streak of getting in my car, pumping the a.c. and driving around the corner.  it takes more time to park than it does to walk there.  what’s the point?!?!  well, during this dreadful heat wave, the point is that i cannot walk the 2 1/2 blocks to work without arriving with buckets of sweat dripping down my front and my back.  and for the sake of my first few clients, i’ll put aside my being “green” for being dry!

I’m off to work, for a couple hours.  It’s going to be a short day.  Then I hope to come home and continue to chip away at the to-do list from hell!!!  I’m getting there… the craft room is looking better and better… pictures to come (promise)!

Oh and craft night has been put on hold for 2 weeks… I’m getting antsy… I want to CRAFT dammit!!!!


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