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after just receiving an email update from my gal Jenna over at M.Studio i was reminded to give an online update to just what the heck is happening in my crazy life!!!

so as not to bore the heck out of y’all… the brief update.  new job, new apartment, new hair, new lease on life!!!

after nearly 5 summers at the same salon i recently packed my things and moved over to Katie Arbus’s shop High Maintenance Salon on monmouth rd. in oakhurst!  what a change of pace!!!  the vibe is laid back, bright, uplifting and totally my speed!!!

katie made my dreams come true by BUILDING me a room to offer The Turquoise Pony’s spa services in her shop!!!  i think this partnership will really enhance both of our business’ and provide a great place for our clients to receive all of the wonderful treatments that we offer!!!

since i wasn’t going to be working in allenhurst anymore.  and i no longer needed the extra spa room for The Turquoise Pony.

i decided why not move my home as well!!!  all at the same time, literally, same week even… i moved to a fantastic apartment in asbury park!  i’m only two blocks to the beach and right outside my door is a beautiful park where i bring jack and sammy more than a few times a day!!!  i’m almost ALL settled in!!!

oh and the hair… well i had to go back to black a little while ago.  you know, give the hair a break, let it heal.  well, it got boring… so the other day i had gena and lindsey at the new salon give my hair life again!  i’ve got my turquoise back!!!  thank goodness!!!

so that’s the update!

much more to come… so many good things are happening!!!


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oh i am full!!!  a recap… it’s been snowing like mad these past few weeks here at the jersey shore!  we currently have almost 2 feet out there.  and what do i do while i’m snowed in… EAT!!!  oh between bacon wrapped hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, home made pizza, tilapia with broccoli and rice and having just put down the spoon from my last bite (hopefully for the rest of the night) of warm brownies and vanilla ice cream… i am happy to be wearing such loose pants!  ahhhh.  so while i was eating these delicious brownies i got an awesome email from a fantastic photographer,  Brandi Grooms Johnson.  she was letting me know that she had blogged about my etsy shop and the jewelry i had made for a friend’s wedding.  SO COOL!!!  Brandi was featured on rocknrollbride.com recently, as well a few pictures of my jewelry ended up there along with her!  thanks so much brandi!!!  here’s the best photo ever taken of me 😉

Candy Cigarette Girl

in addition to shooting weddings and all sorts of other events… brandi does boudoir photos as well… oh if i ever have the nerve!!!!!!!

check out her website.  she’s really really fantastic.  this made my night.

p.s.  i don’t want to go to work tomorrow!!!  🙂

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not that you would know it… today i actually needed to put the air conditioning on!!!  temperature aside… leaves are turning and then falling.  my little shore town has emptied out.  our bakery has returned to its “winter” hours.  and i’m crafting up a storm for this year’s Sweet and Sinister Swap hosted by ArtsyMama!  i’m having so much fun with this years swap.  even with my busy schedule… work, school, family,and dogs!!! 😉  in preparing my sweet and sinister package, i visited my favorite antique center in englishtown, check out my sister Jenny’s blog, where she posts pics of this amazing place!  as soon as i have an assistant (jenny… hint hint) i’ll take photos of my FABULOUS finds… as well as some new items that will be up in my etsy shop soon!!!

ok back to painting!  xo.

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could you get better weather?!?!  so i had plans to go to the beach today… that was the plan.  i overslept.  which was ok because my friend matthew who was coming with me overslept too.  we finally made it there around 3 o’clock.  still an absolutely amazing day at the beach.  perfect temp.  sun shining.  we didn’t go in the water.  way to cold.  but the pool wasn’t as cold as i expected.  so tomorrow maybe?  after the beach we rode bikes to get some lunch/dinner.  langosta lounge!  YUMM!  i got the summer crab cake, it was soooo good!  we stopped into bodega shoppe, and i picked up some amazing little items.  i’m exhausted, after last night’s marathon of exercise that jenny and i had together, and today’s walking and bike riding.  i’m already in my pj’s and it’s not even 10pm.  i still have some algebra homework to do for class tomorrow night.  and i certainly have some crafting that needs to be done to prepare for the etsy store opening.  i wish i had taken some pictures today!  it was beautiful!!!

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as i’m painting them, charley turns to me and says… “in all the time we’ve been dating, i’ve never seen you paint your nails once!!!”  he was so shocked.  i continued to paint, while we watched the movie gladiator (i’ve seen it a million times and already 3 times this week… but i still watched it again last night… love it!)  and again charley looks over and this time he says… “were you just licking your nail?!?!?”  “why were you just licking your nail?!?!?”  i told him, to smooth it out.  he didn’t believe me.  WHY?!?!?  he was so confused about something that to me, almost seemed like common sense.  SO… i called jenny on speakerphone…

j: helloooooo…

m: hey, why do you lick your nailpolish?

j: to smooth it out.

m:  ok thanks!!!

HAHA!  duh of course it makes sense, me AND jenny both do it!!!

so, i’m painting my nails now.  so what?!?!  i’m doing a lot of things i never used to do!  call it a new lease on life.  call it turning 30.  call it a new years resolution.

a list of things i now do on a regular basis:

  • wii fit for at least 30 min. (aerobics, yoga, strength training, balance games)
  • fast paced walking on my treadmill for at least 45 min.
  • eat healthier (less sugar, more greens)
  • moisturize my arms
  • wash my face before bed even on the nights i’m too tired to
  • read the stack of books i have next to my bed
  • learn to sew with a sewing machine (my new pixie)

so far so good.  the exercising and eating healthier are starting to pay off, i’m down a couple pounds and my jeans don’t cut off my circulation anymore.  the roughness on my upper arms is almost gone.  my skin is almost back to “normal” meaning not breaking out like a teenager on my chin!!!  i’m about to start another new book tonight!!!  the pixie, one of the things i got this christmas, is the most adorable little sewing machine.  perfect for a dunce like me!  i’m getting there… my first project will be to sew those curtains i “made” last year.  if i get really good, maybe i’ll sew a backing to them!!!

i didn’t add the usual… “blog more” to that list… haha i don’t want to set my expectations for myself too high!!!

so on a side note… i’m thrilled to say… that i’ll be in d.c. for the inauguration next week.  i’m beside myself.  no, i don’t have a ticket.  no, i can’t really handle crowds. no, i’m not expecting to really see our new president.  but man oh man to share in the excitement of that day, right there in the middle of it all.  thrilling!!!

till next time!  xo.

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