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i try to have fun all the time... i watch movies. i cook and bake. i love riding my bike. i fix things with tools. i read a ton of books. i'm way into board games. i love factory tours. i take road trips a lot. i travel as often as financially possible. i take vitamins. i talk to strangers. i drive a 1954 ford customline. i love crafting. i enjoy taking destination-less drives. i am in love with wildwood, nj. i wear skirts and dresses all of the time. i rarely brush my hair and it looks exactly the same every day. i change my jewelry with every outfit. i live in asbury park, nj just two blocks from the beach. i look like my little brothers if i don't have on mascara. i have the sweetest dogs in the world, jack my five year old papillon and my two year old chihuahua sammy. i'd like to find a close drive-in theater. i do facials and waxing for a living. i'm the BEST at what i do. i craft and make jewelry on the side. i am also a student hoping to earn an MSW. i collect tons of things. i have a million vintage paint-by-numbers. i like doing things... any kinds of things. people usually go home with bellyaches after hanging out with me either from laughing too much... or maybe from eating too much... all in all i'm a real good time!!!

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