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well… i quit meat. (again)

i guess it mostly started when i was feeling like there was a need for a change.  ok well a SERIOUS need for a DRASTIC change.  this came about, after finding out i have high cholesterol, low hdl’s and a couple other pretty serious health issues that could be completely turned around by changing my diet.  so i did.  it started by cutting back on this, eating more of that, etc.  the usual changes when you’re doctor tells you to stop eating like a college frat boy (my words not hers).

i decided i was going to attempt 10 days of the master cleanse.  that’s right, i said attempt.  and by that i mean i went to the grocery store, bought everything i would need for weeks of cleansing, began the cleanse, after 4 hours, i ordered jr’s. – chicken cheesesteak and chicken parmesan, french fries and brownies.  yeah… so much self-control right?!?!

then i watched food inc.  oh boy oh boy.  that’ll make you think twice about when you’re shoving down your throat.  instantly i thought back to the days of being vegan and remembered how “healthy” i always felt.  and i mean felt.  like from the inside out.  i thought about the reasons why i was vegetarian to begin with all of those years ago.  i thought about how on my brothers birthday i looked at the usually eye-popping goodness of a giant whipped cream cake and only thought of a (earmuffs) blistered nipple of a hormone injected cow pumping out the milk that became the main ingredient in this sheet-cake of disgust.  then i was vegan.  years later, on my sister jenny’s birthday, a trip to cheesecake factory, the three of us ordered chicken dishes and entered back into omnivory.  oh then i was on a binge.  forget chicken, forget milk.  i was instantly eating bacon wrapped, deep fried hot dogs with cream cheese on top, recipe courtesy of crif dogs in nyc!

and i wondered why i had high cholesterol and no energy.  hmmmm.

i grabbed a book.  eating animals by jonathan safran foer.  and now here i am.  a few months into quitting meat.  i ALREADY feel healthier.


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