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i’m really excited to meet with Jenna Zilincar of M. Studio to discuss some marketing and design ideas for my life.  haha.  and by my life i mean my jewelry, my blog, my etsy shop and the other half of melissa the spa services, facials, waxing, etc.  i’m hoping to take it all, pop it in the blender and come out with the world’s most delicious smoothie and without looking like the color of mustard and ketchup on a hot dog.  do your smoothies end up that color too?!??!

anyway… if you’re in need of some marketing genius get in touch with jenna.  she is super creative, smart, friendly and i believe she may even be able to work miracles.  we’ll see about that last one this afternoon!

xo. mel.


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oh i am full!!!  a recap… it’s been snowing like mad these past few weeks here at the jersey shore!  we currently have almost 2 feet out there.  and what do i do while i’m snowed in… EAT!!!  oh between bacon wrapped hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, home made pizza, tilapia with broccoli and rice and having just put down the spoon from my last bite (hopefully for the rest of the night) of warm brownies and vanilla ice cream… i am happy to be wearing such loose pants!  ahhhh.  so while i was eating these delicious brownies i got an awesome email from a fantastic photographer,  Brandi Grooms Johnson.  she was letting me know that she had blogged about my etsy shop and the jewelry i had made for a friend’s wedding.  SO COOL!!!  Brandi was featured on rocknrollbride.com recently, as well a few pictures of my jewelry ended up there along with her!  thanks so much brandi!!!  here’s the best photo ever taken of me 😉

Candy Cigarette Girl

in addition to shooting weddings and all sorts of other events… brandi does boudoir photos as well… oh if i ever have the nerve!!!!!!!

check out her website.  she’s really really fantastic.  this made my night.

p.s.  i don’t want to go to work tomorrow!!!  🙂

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