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just a quick post!  i’ve been busy all day painting and varnishing and uploading and updating!

lots of new items and still many more to come!

my favorite… the OOAK wooden bracelet!

let me know what you think of the new items!



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first time in weeks it feels like, that i can sit down and have my morning coffee at home.  not that i mind running to starbucks for a large iced black-eye… but i mean i work 3 blocks from my house… a little silly to do all that driving.

so!  my etsy shop is open!!!!!!  i’ve had a couple sales.  i’m going to be working on a set of bridal jewelry for a wedding in october.  and my coffee table is covered with more projects that are in the works!!!  i’ll likely be listing some more items by the end of the week.

then shortly after, i will be hosting a give-away!!!  YAY!

i appreciate any and all suggestions!  i’m new to selling on etsy and new to selling any of my items for that matter!  so if you have something you’d like to see, maybe the batea-inspired earrings but a little smaller…

the loteria earrings on a round surface… different colors… gold or brass findings… let me know.  i’d be so thrilled to hear!!!

i’m just getting back into the swing of things.  my brother walt and i, took a quick weekend trip down to myrtle beach, sc.  so much fun!  we stayed at a great hotel on the beach with two pools, a lazy river, hot hot hot tubs!  so i’ve had a little bit of a vacation hangover!

please, comment, let me know what you think so far!!!

xo.  missy!

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my etsy shop!

i will for absolutely sure be putting items up in my etsy shop this week!  PROMISE!!!

my etsy shop

thanks jenny for sending friends my way!

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i woke up this morning and not sure whether or not my skin can take another day at the beach/pool, i decided to do some much needed crafting.  i’ve had my etsy shop empty for weeks now and need to list some items!!!

todays work area

today's work area

so i’ll be making some fun fun earrings and other jewelry items to list this week!!!

while some things were drying, i decided to make blueberry-banana-pancakes!  i picked up this wacky pancake in a spray can the other day and haven’t had a chance to use it.  i also had a bunch of organic bananas and blueberries just about to go to waste… voila!  so so good!  the trick with the spray-cakes is to use a BUNCH of it and treat it like an omlet not a pancake!  yeah i know, strange.  D-lish!!!

tastes better than it looks!!!

tastes better than it looks!!!

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