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could you get better weather?!?!  so i had plans to go to the beach today… that was the plan.  i overslept.  which was ok because my friend matthew who was coming with me overslept too.  we finally made it there around 3 o’clock.  still an absolutely amazing day at the beach.  perfect temp.  sun shining.  we didn’t go in the water.  way to cold.  but the pool wasn’t as cold as i expected.  so tomorrow maybe?  after the beach we rode bikes to get some lunch/dinner.  langosta lounge!  YUMM!  i got the summer crab cake, it was soooo good!  we stopped into bodega shoppe, and i picked up some amazing little items.  i’m exhausted, after last night’s marathon of exercise that jenny and i had together, and today’s walking and bike riding.  i’m already in my pj’s and it’s not even 10pm.  i still have some algebra homework to do for class tomorrow night.  and i certainly have some crafting that needs to be done to prepare for the etsy store opening.  i wish i had taken some pictures today!  it was beautiful!!!


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i have more than a couple reasons why i haven’t blogged in, in, wow in months.  i’m back in school.  i go to college.  i study and do homework and write term papers.  i absolutely LOVE it.  i’m thrilled to be a student again.  although the other day, no kidding, i left algebra and a part of my brain that i’ve never felt before was ACHING!!!  you know like when you work out for the first time in, in, months… and the muscles feel like they’ve never been used before.  like these legs have never been walked on.  like you’ve never picked up a stack of books or 24 pack of poland spring.  which brings me to another update… i’m dieting.  well not so much dieting as couting calories and typing them into a little program on my iphone (loseit) that tells me “when”… because i don’t know “when”… i don’t stop the guy when he’s grating cheese onto my plate of cheese filled ravioli with melted mozzarella cheese on top.  so, this handy little program is going to stop me from those extra 3 cupcakes or the rest of the bag of pretzels, or the extra 6 tblsp of peanut butter.  so far so good.  i’m not starving.  i’ve also made a slight effort to exercise a little more.  slight.  between walks with jenny and my new wii active… i should be good.  that part still needs some extra effort.

what else?!

ah!  i am planning the launch of an etsy shop!!!  woo hoo!  it’s going to be a lot of fun.  mostly jewelry.  mostly wood, paint, paper, glitter.  soon soon soon!  more info soon.

ok i won’t over-do-it on this post.

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