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so memorial day weekend is off to a fantastic start.  i’ve eaten either chocolate cake or ice cream for breakfast for about a week now.  if that doesn’t say holiday i don’t know what does… oh wait… yes i do…

“we” bought a grill at home depot the other night.  friday night’s at home depot… a lot of fun.  for real.  i can’t really think of anything to compare it to.  a wild time.  then to wegmans, to pick up burgers and dogs for grilling.  some ice cream.  frozen pizzas.  tabloids.  this was actually my first time grocery shopping anywhere other than target since moving into the new place.  well probably even before that so i’ll say a good couple months!!!

yesterday walt had to pick out his tux for the prom… not walts tux

that’s not it… we had the best time with the mini- conan o’brian they have working there… it took about 45 minutes for him to warm up to us and get our sarcasm… jack chilled with walt’s gold rope chain on…

jack in the gold rope

haha!!!  after that we decided to make the most of a beautiful day and get ice cream at naegles in ocean grove.  which then led to BUYING everything we saw at the “antique dealerships” in OG.  i found THE MOST ADORABLE new dog bed for jack… jack's new dog bed

if you’ve seen these before it’s even funnier!!!  it’s PERFECT!!!!  afterwards, we took the ’54 to the car wash, for a MUCH needed cleaning.  i felt awful, embarrassed, like a horrible person, driving it dirty.  why haven’t i taken better care of that little sweetie?!?!!  oh the night went really really late and actually ended up becoming an impromptu sleepover.  well, the driver fell asleep so they slept over.

today i’m drinking loads of coffee, taping off the bathroom, i HAVE to paint it this weekend.  i’m going to wake charley up in a bit.  we’ll grill some burgers and dogs.  then FIREWATER tonight!!!  i’m so excited.  we all are!!!  dancing and partying tonight!!!  woo hoo!!!

oh and this week/weekend brought some amazing and wonderful news… i’ll let jenny tell you all about that one!!!  and no, no one is having any babies or anything crazy like that!!!!  jenny – BLOG BLOG BLOG!!!


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craft night!!!

I’m planning a monthly craft night for about 10 girls. I’d like to know who would be interested. We would pick a night that works for everyone. I would host at my house. We can each bring a snack or beverage.

This is how it would work. I will find artists who will put together a “kit” for each crafter. Depending on what the cost of the kit is to make, will determine the cost per crafter. If it’s a local artist they will come and help walk us through the project.  If they aren’t able to make it, we’ll follow the directions provided and hope for the best!!!

Any months we do not have a specific project, we can all work on our own crafts, artwork, etc.

I’ve taken classes set up this way before and its a really great time. No one’s project looks exactly alike in the end because we all add our own flair.

So please please, let me know if you are interested and what nights/times would work for you. Also, if you have any artists that you think would be interested, suggestions would be appreciated.

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so after weeks of waiting and calling and waiting, the couches were delivered yesterday morning.  7:30am.  and after weeks of wondering how the hell they are getting them in… these 2 guys got them in and set up in less than 15 minutes.  bravo.  i told them i was proud of them!!!  they are gorgeous.  and comfy.  and fit perfectly!  i will for sure take some pictures later on today and post them asap.  along with some others of the new apt.  this place is really looking good. more soon!

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back to blogging…

so it has been just about a year since my last post.  WOW.  and i plan to get started with a bang!!!  i have a new blog, with a new look, a new name, and a lot more personalizing… i’ve been trying to edit the look of this thing for 2 days now!!!  i just moved… AGAIN… i have an amazing apartment with so much room.  i have a craft room (slash office) to keep me organized and focused.  it’s turquoise!!!  i have a pink hallway.  a cowgirl’s bedroom.  an adorable kitchen.  a living room just waiting to be painted.  and a bathroom that will scream jersey shore by the time i’m done with it!!!

ok.  so aside from that… jack, tonka and kanya are still keeping me busy… i’m seriously considering another pup so jack has a brother… if so i’ll name him chip!  everyone thinks i’m nuts.  uh huh!  i haven’t crafted anything spectacular in quite a while so i’ll only bother to post things i’ll be working on from here forward.  but i will certainly take some pictures of the apartment and post them a.s.a.p. 

tomorrow is cinco de mayo.  i must eat some yummy mexican food.  goal today is get some more work done on the house and start a craft!!!  i’ve spent most of last night and all of today working on getting this blog going.  i know… certainly should not take that long.  duh!

all for now.

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