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catching up…

I haven’t been on posting in a while. A lot’s been happening these days. Good and bad. As of right now, I’m in between apartments. So I’m staying at a friends house which limits my ability to craft. So I’ve had no where to express my creative side. Just as I was beginning to get the juices flowing!!! I should be in my new place in a few weeks. And I have a new craft room to decorate. Actually an entire apartment to redecorate! Exciting. As much as I hate moving… the redecorating makes it completely worth it! So more to come soon! Pictures too!!!


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Martha Stewart

Here’s something fun! Today Martha Stewart announced that marthastewart.com has been completely redesigned! Much more there, archives of recipes and crafts and everything else you’d expect from marthastewart.com.

Also, she’s having a scrapbooking contest!!! Send in your absolute BEST scrapbooking page you’ve ever made. (a copy of it that is) And they will announce one winner per day during scrapbooking week in May! Exciting! I’m sure someone reading this has one they could send in!!!

Pretty fun stuff!

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catching up…

Put your feet up… this is going to be a long one!!!

First of all, I have to say I had so much fun participating in the Vintage Kitchen swap! Jenny and I got down and dirty searching for the perfect things for our swap partners! I may even have gotten sweaty. And I think we both did a pretty good job – at least I really hope we did! There were certain things that jumped out that I just knew my girls would love! So from the finding of things to send to ripping open the packages that were sent to me… it was a fantastic time! Here’s some pictures of the wonderful things I received in this swap! First from Saffron

I cannot handle the handmade batea inspired wood plaque. Saffron… thank you so much! It’s perfect! Then a few days later from Sallie

So awesome! Sallie thanks a bunch. There’s so much stuff!!! My favorite was the Welcome Home sign! It’s perfect!

In the midst of all of the swapping… I was also doing some bidding on eBay. So those were showing up. God, I love mail!!! Then since I was so excited about swapping, I signed up for two more. First The Vintage Dragonfly | 4 x 4 Collage swap “Spring Has Sprung” – which I’m sending out this evening. Then next the Crafty Carnival | First Aid Kit swap – which I’m still working on… and I am SO EXCITED about! I’m actually swapping with Missy!!! Psyched! PIctures soon!

So, this wasn’t enough… we needed more… so we went into the city for the April Cupcakes Take the Cake meetup! OH MAN! What a great day! We started off meeting up with Nichelle and the rest of the group at the Essex Market. Since we drove in from NJ, we needed to PEE!!! So we walked till we found a place with a public restroom… and it happened to be one of our favorites… through a pizza place’s kitchen! And wow the pizza! Like I said… from now on… it’s the only place I’m going! So good… let’s see… I believe it was on the corner of Orchard and Stanton… called Rosario’s. Deeee-lish! I loved it. And I eat a lot of pizza… but this was good real good! Then straight over to Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington. The whole group was already there. We found some chairs and ordered up a few cupcakes. Jenny and Aaron LOVED the pistachio. I had 3, did I just write that out-loud?!?! Red-Velvet, Ooey Gooey, and Sunshine. Yumm. All of them. After relaxing and chatting with Nichelle a bit. We headed up town to Central Park. Jack wanted to take a walk there – he’s seen it on Law and Order so many times!!! We took a fun walk and found some great place for photo ops…

Oh man so yeah good time… we tried to make it to Chelsea Market – basically for Fat Witch Brownies, but we were too late. Like 20 min. late. Oh well, we found a great shop where I picked up some things for my First Aid Kit swap. And watched a dance class happening where there was a solo – Mark Twain dancing – man I wish I had a picture of that… then we went over to Trailerpark for dinner. Sloppy joes, grilled cheeses, burgers, and TOTS.

After that… we found Beard Papa’s for some OH MY GOODNESS delicious cream puffs. I had chocolate and vanilla – both just unreal. So awesome. Could they affect how much I’m into cupcakes…?!?! Man by then we were ready to go. HOME! Such a great time. I really need to blog more often so I don’t have too many of these seriously LENGTHY posts. Actually I will be… I have to tell you all about these last 2 swaps!!! Until then…

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