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We’re winding down, watching an old episode of Law & Order. Today I did a lot of craft shopping. First to Rag Shop, found a few things and dropped off some posters for framing. Then to Michael’s – where oh boy – I was there for at least an hour and left with about 7 bags of craft supplies and decorations for the master bedroom bath. Since I have 2 really wonderful paint-by-numbers already in there, I’m going with their theme, the beach. Being that we’re a bike ride from the beach, and we’re essentially at the Jersey Shore, I’m using seashells, and sea glass and sand to add some extra decor to the room. After coming home, and unloading. Jack and I headed off to Shark River Park to walk/hike the trails. Fun time! This was our first time there and I wasn’t exactly prepared. Next time: sneakers! Oh and we’ll stick to the well trodden trails from now on. We sort of ended up lost and no longer on a trail, hiking through muck and water. I ended up having to wash my slip-ons when we got home. OH and give Jack a tubby. Actually we both needed tubbies. Even getting lost, we had so much fun and it really feels SO great to be doing something physical. OUTSIDE!!! Jenny and I have spent hours on end discussing how much we hate exercise. One thing we both agree on… hiking, walking outdoors, we love. Especially in the woods where you don’t run into to too many people! We ended up hiking about 4 miles. Such a great time! Anyway, that’s all today. 24 is on tonight and we’re all so tired so, that’ll be our night. Crafting will have to wait till tomorrow!!! Oh and, that’s when I’ll be sending out my Swaps!!!


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It’s Sunday evening, I’m relaxing off a wonderful dinner. I made a great corn chowder, the base/mix I bought at a craft fair I went to a couple days ago. It was delicious. I have a few other soups from the same woman, and I cannot wait to make them!!! Anyway, Jack and I are on the couch watching a movie. Tonka and Kanya are around sleeping. My dining table is COVERED with all the gifts I’ll be sending off in a day or so to my swap partners. Jenny Holiday’s Vintage Kitchen Swap 2007! So many good things. I’m just finding the finishing touches then off they’ll go. So Jenny’s been pushing for me to do a little writing on my blog so here it is. This weekend flew by. I’m finishing up my “craft room” soon. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now. But I think this week it’ll be finished and I’ll finally put it to good use. I have another swap coming up, a 4 x 4, collage. The theme is “spring has sprung”. I’m so looking forward to it. I think I’ll need a day of antiquing for that one. Maybe some vintage photos. My sister and my friend Terry are in this swap. While I was at Wegmans earlier, I picked up some sugar free neapolitan ice cream, and some malt, I’m going to make a milk shake. Just as soon as I’m not so full from the soup. Alright, there you go, hope you’re happy Jenny. I’ll write again!!!

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